Book launch (March 2nd, 2017)

The book ‘Green Landscapes in the European City, 1750–2010’ was lauched at an event held in the University of Helsinki on March 2nd, 2017. The book is edited by Peter Clark, Marjaana Niemi and Catharina Nolin and it is published in Routledge Studies in Modern European History series (Vol. 39).




Workshop programme

Updated: 11-Nov-2012

Abstracts (Day 2)
Abstracts (Day 3)
Logistical and sociable advice

TVÄRMINNE Research Station, Hanko

Green Space is a fundamental concept for understanding modern and contemporary urban society. It sheds light not only on the ecological development of cities, but also social relations, governance and planning processes. It is closely linked to issues like the diversity of urban nature, climate and environmental change, well being factors, and economic competitiveness and urban branding. The types of green space are highly variegated as are the actors and factors helping to shape the green landscape. No less varied are the urban users and their needs. Findings from research on urban green space should provide important advice and help to urban policymakers. This workshop is linked to a current KatuMetro project (since 2011) on Green Space Issues and the Metropolitan City. It also builds on earlier projects based at Helsinki including the Academy of Finland project 2001-5 on European Cities and Green Space and the University of Helsinki/Nessling project 2006-9 on Green Space, Sport and Recreation in the 20th century: both of which have led to important publications. The current workshop is intended to generate wide-ranging discussion of many issues related to urban green space. It is hoped that the workshop will provide the basis for a future collected volume.

19th November

Morning: participant arrival Helsinki
13.00 departure of bus from Senate Sq. Helsinki
15.30 arrival Tvärminne
16.15 welcome: workshop logistical arrangements
17.00-17.45 tea/dinner

17.45 – 19.00 Opening Lecture/Session: Is Green Space a Useful Concept for Comparative Research?
Peter Clark : M. Niemi (Tampere) commentator

19.30 Drinks : Sauna
20.45 – 22.00 Supper

20th November

9.15 Private Green Spaces
Anna Ojala (Helsinki) Infilling Practices and Urban Domestic Gardens in Greater Helsinki
Erik Andersson (Stockholm) Private Green Space in Stockholm – internal qualities and landscape connections

10.15 break

10.30 Green Space and Society
Niko Lipsanen (Helsinki) Green Space and Immigrants in Helsinki and Vantaa
Suvi Talja (Helsinki) The Urban citizen and the development of green space.
Richard Robinson (Helsinki) Contested Spaces: Alcohol Consumption and Regulation in Brighton and Hanko

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Planning Green Space
Bart Tritsmans (Antwerp) ‘In Antwerp, the birds cough in the morning’. The nineteen sixties suburban bliss and its effect on green space use in the city, Antwerp 1958-1973.
Catharina Nolin (Stockholm) Women Planners and Green Space
Matti Hannikainen (Helsinki), A mere land reserve? Classification of Green Spaces in Helsinki and Vantaa
Martina Fendt (Darmstadt) From functionalism to sustainability: concepts of urban green spaces in post-war Germany
Valentina Gulin Zrnic (Zagreb) Green, green grass of home: socialist and post-socialist green spaces in Zagreb

17.00 Tea/dinner

18.00 Green Space and Seasonality
Jean-Luc Pinol (Lyon & Paris) Green spaces in Paris 1750–2010 : between city planning and urban renewal

19.00 Drinks and Sauna
20.30 Supper

21st November

9.00 Green Space in Comparative Perspective
Andy Taylor (Helsinki) Green Space Issues in a European Comparative Perspective – Berlin, Dublin, Marseille and Turin
Dorothee Brantz (Berlin) Berlin’s Green Spaces and the Question of Seasonality from 1945 to the Present
Michael Brennan (UC Dublin) Changes in Dublin’s Green space during the Celtic Tiger years
short break
Harald Engler (IRS Erkner) ‘Researches on green spaces in Germany – Methodological approaches’
Richard Harrison (Leicester) ‘The New Town of Milton Keynes: an example of planning green space in Motor Age Britain’

11.15 Concluding Discussion
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Departure for Helsinki
Arrive Helsinki 14.30